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NENEDD is located at 111 S. 1st Street in Norfolk, Nebraska. Our staff of professionals work together to assist communities and individuals with economic development, housing and business loan opportunities. Any community located within the red portion of the map below is able to apply for membership to the District and receive the benefits listed on our community planning page.

nenedd serive area

The total population of this region is 214,271 of which nearly 70,000 is concentrated in our three micropolitans Fremont, Columbus and Norfolk. Of the 117 communities in the NENEDD footprint, 110 have a population less than 2,500.

Our staff has more than 40 years of combined experience in community development, economic development, finance, construction and planning. Each year members of our staff attend CDBG, HOME and other pertinent training conferences to be sure we stay current on the latest advancements in the field of economic development.

Our non-profit organization, NED, Inc., is a separate entity that contracts with NENEDD to manage the programs it supports. NED, Inc. has a separate board of directors that governs its activities.