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Housing - New Construction

New Construction

Program Overview



Northeast Economic Development, Inc. (NED, Inc.), NENEDD's non-profit organization, has contracted with Whitecliff Development, Inc. as the developer/builder for their New Construction Program. Individuals who qualify for the program will have the option to choose from floor plans specifically designed for the program.

All applicants will be required to secure a Single Family Mortgage Loan from a lender of their choice to purchase a single-family home.

The Down Payment Assistance program is a 0% deferred interest loan. Repayment of the entire loan is due and payable upon transfer of title.

Potential funding will be provided through either development subsidy, down payment assistance, or a combination of both not to exceed 25% of the purchase price, up to a maximum of $50,000. The loan will be used towards the down payment of one housing unit and associated closing costs. The applicant is required to provide $1,000 to cover a portion of the required closing fees and prepaid escrow accounts. NED, Inc. will charge a $500 closing fee which can be used toward the $1,000 requirement.

Newly constructed units located in a special flood hazard area will be ineligible for assistance.

The primary lender will appraise the property. A letter of pre-qualification and good faith estimate from a financial institution is required to accompany the application.

Each applicant must attend a Homebuyer's Education Workshop prior to loan closing agreement. Homebuyer education classes includes an educational packet and instructional materials on topics such as family financial management, record keeping, maintenance and upkeep, landscaping, lawns and pest management, appliances and home furnishings.


The housing unit to be constructed will be located in one of these counties: Burt, Cedar, Colfax, Cuming, Dakota, Dixon, Dodge, rural Douglas, Madison, Pierce, Platte, Stanton, Thurston, Washington or Wayne.

Eligibility for program is determined by family size and household income; and varies by county and will not exceed 100% Area Median Income for the county in which they receive assistance.

Applicants for assistance shall not currently own or have any interest in other real property at the time of application.

The selling price of any one existing or new construction unit offered in the program shall not exceed the HOME Homeownership Value Limits as set forth by the US Department of Housing& Urban Development.

No property or any portion assisted through this program may be retained for rental purposes, as the owner must also occupy the property.

The property will be maintained as the owner's primary residence throughout the duration of the loan.

Newly-constructed housing will meet or exceed the 2003 International Model Energy Code & the Nebraska Energy Office will approve all building specifications. All units assisted with Nebraska Affordable Housing Funds will be made to meet local codes, if no local codes exist, the state codes will be utilized.


Application Process


1. Pre-Approval from Primary Lender

2. Contact NENEDD staff for a Down Payment Assistance application or download the pre-application here.

3. Income verification of household gross income is required and will be conducted upon receipt of completed application and requested documents.


NED, Inc. Board of Directors will approve or deny all Down Payment Assistance applications. Their determination is final.

A subordinated lien will be placed upon the property in second position behind the primary lender.