Signed into law in 2018 by Gov. Pete Ricketts as part of the Rural Workforce Housing Investment Act (LB518), the Rural Workforce Housing Fund (RWHF) provides competitive matching grants to non-profit development organizations who administer workforce housing investment funds. The funds are invested in eligible projects to increase the supply and reduce the costs of workforce housing in Nebraska’s rural communities.

  • Eligible Grantees: Must be a non-profit development organization, approved by the Department director, that invest or intend to invest in workforce housing eligible activities, and that have an active board of directors with expertise in development, construction, and finance.
  • Grants: The 2022 RWHF grants require a minimum 50% of the RWHF award in matching funds.
  • Letter of Intent to apply: Due Wednesday, December 7, 2022

For the list of eligible projects and award distribution criteria, please visit the Nebraska Department of Economic Development’s website by clicking here.

To apply, contact your Community Planner with the Northeast Nebraska Economic Development District. They are:

Andrea                                Kirk 3                                 Riah 2
Andrea Larson                               Kirk Brown                                     Riah Deane
Community Planner                     Community Planner                     Community Planner                           
(402) 379-1150  ext. 104              (402) 379-1150 ext. 106               (402) 379-1150 ext. 102