NENEDD is supported by many municipal and associate members  throughout our region. To join, click the button below.

Active Memberships

NENEDD is supported by a combination of local government membership dues and a planning grant issued by the US Economic Development Administration (EDA). NENEDD also acquires funding from special contracts for services performed above and beyond regular assistance our members receive. Services provided to our members can be found on our community planning page.

NENEDD Membership Investment
Communities: $1.33/capita (min. $670)
Counties: $920

Associate Memberships

Our important work is funded by the generous annual financial support of our associate members. These are private and non-profit organizations that financially support the vision of NENEDD. A special thanks to all of our associate members who recognize the mission of NENEDD and choose to stand along side of us in promoting the building of communities, the empowering of families and the advancement of businesses in Northeast Nebraska.

Current Membership Levels
Diamond | $1,000+
Platinum | $750
Gold | $500
Silver | $350
Bronze | $200

Current Community/County Members