Owner-Occupied Rehabilitation

This program is based upon household income and household size.

Program Guidelines

  • Home must be owner-occupied to qualify

  • Home cannot be converted to rental property

  • Homeowner(s) must meet income guidelines

  • Loan falls due upon transfer of title of property (including forgivable loans)

  • Property cannot be located in a floodplain

  • Property must be located in the city limits of our service area

  • Property taxes must be paid current throughout the duration of the loan term

  • Homeowner’s insurance must be maintained throughout the duration of the loan term

Program Goals

  • Reduce monthly utility costs

  • Improve energy performance in conjunction with the rehabilitation project

  • Minimize ongoing maintenance for homeowners

  • Preserve the housing unit

  • Add to the quality of living

Eligible Improvements

Sagging or rotten beams, joists, columns
Stairs or porches
Roofs or chimneys
NED, Inc. Owner-Occupied Rehabilitation Program Guidelines
Owner-Occupied Housing Rehabilitation Pre-Application

Energy Conservation/ Weatherproofing

Ceiling & wall insulation
Window & door repair/replacement
Caulking & weather-stripping
Storm window & door installation
Roof covering removal & installation
Siding & trim painting or replacement


Plumbing & plumbing fixtures
Furnace & water heaters
Air conditioning
Lighting & wiring

Interior Renewal

Walls, ceiling & floors repairs
Painting & paneling
Room rearrangement
Additions to alleviate overcrowded conditions