The Northeast Nebraska Economic Development District (NENEDD) held their semi-annual Council of Officials meeting and the Northeast Economic Development, Inc. (NED, Inc) Board of Directors held their monthly board meeting on December 20, 2023.

NED, Inc. approved two business loans totaling $216,000.  Leon Real Estate Homes, LLC, was approved for a loan to construct a new facility to expand Leon Insulation, LLC in the South Sioux City area and Howard’s Holy Hoagies had a loan approved to expand the business with the purchase of a food trailer for Hoagies “On-the-Go” in the Humphrey area.

According to Jeff Christensen, Business Loan Specialist, “In today’s economy it’s great to see two businesses expanding in the northeast Nebraska area.  Leon Real Estate Houses, LLC is expanding into South Sioux City and building a new facility for their company Leon Insulation which now operates out of Sioux City, Iowa.

The Howard’s saw the opportunity to expand their new venture after only 6 months in business.  The purchase of a food trailer gives them additional revenue in addition to their sandwich shop in downtown Humphrey.   Congratulations to both of this month’s loan clients.”

At the NENEDD meeting, Walker Zulkoski, Vice President of Investment Services, gave a presentation on the Nebraska Public Agency Investment Trust (NPAIT) which provides a wide variety of banking solutions for Nebraska public entities and associations.

The complete minutes from the December 20, 2023, NED, Inc. Board of Directors meetings can be viewed here: NED, Inc.

The complete minutes from the December 20, 2023, NENEDD Board of Directors meeting can be viewed here:  NENEDD